Sunday, 20 September 2015

Winds of Change.....

You can feel it in the air.... the winds of change are coming. A new school year, a new classroom, new students and you may feel like this picture - the calm before the storm.

(Fairlain Lake, Penetanguishene)

But then, it happens. The unexpected. The proverbial wrench in the works. And the winds of change shift and blow and nothing seems to be the same.

(Fairlain Lake - 12 hours earlier)

How we handle change and stressors say a lot about who we are as professionals. Do you retreat into our favourite jammies and hide under a blanket until it passes over? Do you face it head on, your hair whipping in the wind a la Captain Dan from Forest Gump shouting at the sky, "Is that the best that you've got?? Come and get me!!!" Or are you laid back and let the chips fall as they may? 

When you are mindfully in the moment, and are aware of what the winds of change can bring and the excitement they can hold, do you embrace it, or do you run?  What can you do as a professional, to support the winds of change in your school? Or in your classroom? How can you harness the power of the wind to provide energy in the wake of chaos?  Keep these things in mind during a turbulent day or week in your school to see how you can be mindful and authentic to yourself and to your profession. 

Mindfully yours,

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